Paulls Construction Equipment is the national distributor for the SandMaster in Australia.

SandMaster machine attachments

Why choose SandMaster?

Paulls Construction Equipment is the national distributor for the SandMaster in Australia.

The SandMaster is an attachment for a skid steer, backhoe or an excavator. It quickly fills, transports, securely closes, and places sandbags. Its primary function is to facilitate flood prevention efforts and emergency response; however, the SandMaster has secondary applications in other industries, including construction. The SandMaster allows you to significantly reduce manual labour and deliver greater onsite efficiency. Being designed to attach to mobile equipment, the SandMaster has benefits over alternative sand bagging methods, particularly in its ability to transport sandbags from the point of fill to the where placement is required.


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Loaders and Backhoes

For skid steers and loaders

The SandMaster is attachable to skid steers, front end loaders and backhoes. The Sandmaster is able to fill 20 sandbags quickly and efficiently whilst also being able to move them across sites. Both polypropylene and biodegradable burlap bags can be used with this attachment. This machine has very few moving parts, which is critical for machines working in wet and sandy environments.

Sandbag sales

The SandMaster requires specialised sandbags to operate. These bags are available for sale when purchasing or hiring a SandMaster.

For excavators

The SandMaster 26E is designed specifically to attach to excavators. This attachment can be used in applications where additional reach is required when filling and placing sandbags. The SandMaster 26E is capable of filling 26 sandbags at the same time.


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